strong deliciousness!!

0℃ AGED BEEF STEAK of Osaka Namba

 offers red steak, which
took some time with temperature 0℃ in order to be aged. The
specialty in our restaurant, the aged meat made with special
technique gets the most attractions. With one piece of it, you will
be impacted with the overpowering deliciousness. Please be
looking forward to it.
that's why aged beef steak is so delicious

01.The deliciousness of meat is STRONG!

With temperature 0℃ to
getting aged, Amino
acid is adding to the
meat with deep flavor. At
first bite please do not
with sauce, but with salt,
pepper to taste.


Perfect temperature
controlling is used for beef
to sleep for 14 days to get
aged. After that, the softy
of the meat is amazing!
The original chuck eye
with a little bit hard
chewing taste, is not
sliced, but cut as thick
steak, so that you can eat
it with great joy.

03.USE the US meat of HIGH quality

Our restaurant uses the same meat of high
quality as the famous restaurant in NY. We
choose the master meat from the most suitable
red meat for aging and offer for customer with
truly delicious hand-picked beef.

we also offer the Japanese beef of rank
girls party

when you want to enjoy meals
with various kinds of meat!

including a bottomless bar for 2hours!
4000yen(with tax)Girls party course with 13 items

Course with full volume, from appetizer to dessert.
Pork, chicken, beef and so on, various kinds of
meat and curry, which costs the chef 72 hours to
service. (last order limit for drinking 90min)

more contents for the course

How To Use Is Free!

Aged meat×steak×drinking party

Welcome and farewell party for colleges Drinking noisily tonight party Girls party for close friends
table seat

table seat

Also available for huge group

counter seat

counter seat

Suit for dating and one person

available for 20-30 people! Also available for Banquet,all seats reservation.Welcome, farewell party,all kinds of banquet
available for 20-30 people! Also available for Banquet,all seats reservation Welcome,farewell party, all kinds of banquet